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“Go Forward is sharing a lot of things, sharing is truly caring. Whether those are education, empathy or kind words”

Chef Inda / Founder of Sincerely

“Go Forward is truly a remarkable group of people, trying their best to make the earth a little greener. Their BSF box system makes it possible for people who only have narrow spaces to still compost. The system is easy and straight forward, even beginners could learn it quickly. The byproduct of the BSF itself is highly useful, from the dried larvae to the oil can be turned into many different daily needs. Now everytime I’m planning on educational activities, I think of Go Forward. Together for tomorrow.”

Verena / Founder of WARP

I’m excited to meet Go Forward. A team of the young generation who care about the environment and ecosystem. Their vision in making ideas into action, I believe, will be the lighthouse of Surabaya in developing a sustainable ecosystem.

Janice / Lead Organization of TEDxJalanTunjungan

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